The Secret To Keeping Your Real Christmas Tree Beautiful All Season Long

Hi, it's Leigh Ann. A friend of mine provided the below info on how to keep your real tree fresh all season. He swears by it!

Keep your tree fresh all season long with this Christmas Tree Recipe!!

#1. At the tree lot have them make a fresh cut of 2 inches or more to the trunk of your Christmas tree. This will allow water to move up its trunk. Even if they say it's a fresh cut have them cut it again. In front of you!

#2. At home quickly bring a gallon of water to boil. Add ¼ cup of Karo syrup and a few drops of bleach.

#3. Immediately pour the hot mixture into the tree stand. Keep the kids away and be careful not to burn yourself. With the fresh cut, sap will not be able to form as fast and allow water up the trunk.

Wait several hours (or overnight) to see if the tree is drinking the mixture. IF IT'S NOT your tree is already dead. Return it for a new one. If the tree takes the mixture it will last all season long but only if you check water level at least every other day. If water is low repeat step # 2 and #3.