5 Year Old Dressed Up As Plano Water Tower And Here's Why

Look what this Rockwall mom dressed her son as for Halloween. She explains why on her Facebook page and we love it!

My 5 year old has a weird obsession with the city of Plano and water towers. (We live in Rockwall. A while ago, he saw a news clip about the demolition of a Plano water tower... and he’s been obsessed since. He says when he grows up, he’s moving to Plano. He wants to be “Plano water tower worker” 😂So NATURALLY... when I asked what he wants to be for Halloween, out of everything in the world he could have chosen... he chose... a PLANO WATER TOWER 😂. I tried to get him to at least represent our own city as a Rockwall water tower, but nope!! Plano was#GOALS for Jack! It took many hours of work, but... his dream finally came true to be a PLANO water tower! 

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