Woman Commits Ultimate Christmas Prank On Her Dad Using Brussel Sprouts

Two years ago, Twitter user Judy Brown (@mcjude) played a horrible Christmas prank on her dad. She replaced all of the Ferrero Rocher's with brussel sprouts...wrapped them in the foil and then resealed the package. Dad was certainly disappointed as according to Brown, he can eat them at 750mph!

The clever woman, decided to skip last year and (play the long game). Poor dad wouldn't touch a single Ferrero Rocher last year.

This year, Judy stepped it up and carefully unwrapped every single chocolate, and replaced it with a brussel sprout covered in chocolate and nuts JUST LIKE THE FERRERO ROCHE! She perfectly placed them back in the wrapper, sealed in the box and placed with gifts her aunt brought. 

Dad didn't see it coming!

This is the craziest Christmas prank ever!

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