Sing Daily For Good Health

If you're like me, you are driving home, excited for the freedom the evening brings. The radio plays one of your favorite songs and you turn it up and belt it to your steering wheel on the way home. When it's finished, you make a mental note to try that the next time you go out to karaoke with friends.

Turns out, reasearch conducted at the University of Gothenburn in Sweden, shows that singing can improve your health, increase how happy you are (duh!) and extend your life! When you sing, you release endorphins in the brain and it can make you feel high!

Plus, when you warm up those vocal chords, you are working some major muscle groups in your upper body.

Pretty much, all I'm hearing, is that singing is better for you than yoga! So let's hear it...turn up the radio and belt it out!

Maggi Mayfield


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