Genius Pie Plate Invention Gives You TWO Flavors At Once

Listen, it's no secret. I LOVE PIE! A lot! I love finding pie recipies on Pinterest and making those too!  But sometimes it can be so difficult to choose just one flavor. Cherry? Apple? Pumpkin? I want them all. And sometimes the boyfriend wants pecan, when I'm really in the mood for something else...anything really. But, I love making the dessert and am so excited to have found a way to make us BOTH happy, without having to commit to two...WHOLE pies. I mean, we totally could, but, calories. Am I right?

So I was really excited to find the "Split Decision Pie Pan." Find it on Amazon for less than $14, it's a nine-inch baking dish that comes with a divider to separate the flavors you are craving. Plus, the bottom is removable so you can put the pies on pretty plates while serving during the holidays!

So, what flavors are you going to go with?

Maggi Mayfield


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