Toddler Accidentally Shreds $1,000 Of Savings

Ben and Jackee Belnap of Holladay, Utah are big college football fans. They had season tickets to go enjoy all of the game. After saving for about a year, they were finally able to pay a familiy member back the grand they owed them for buying the tickets.

However, when it came time to drop the money off in a nice white envelope, the envelope was no where to be found.

The couple looked everywhere when Jackee found the money in the shredder; and they knew exactly how it got there. Their 2-year old son, Leo liked to help mommy shred bills, but she always turned it off after using it.

Ben said, "Honestly, in my heart, I said someday this is going to be really funny."

But, it's a grand. One thousand dollars. Can't they tape it back together?!?! And, I'm pretty sure if you send the money to the government and they will send you a fresh new dollar bill...or thousand bills.

Maggi Mayfield


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