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What to Do After You Overeat

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It's Thanksgiving and I will definitely indulge in dinner and dessert. Probably too much so. So, what to do when you've eaten to much?

Relax. One too-big meal won’t derail your health.

Take a Walk. It stimulates your digestion.

Drink Water. Sipping helps your body get rid of excess salt you likely got from your meal.

Don’t Lie Down. Food can work its way back up. This can slow digestion and worsen acid reflux (GERD). The couch will have to wait until your food has time to settle.

Skip the Bubbles. When you drink a carbonated drink, you swallow gas that can fill up your digestive system.

Give Away Leftovers

Work Out. It may also help jump-start your metabolism and prevent constipation. And regular exercise seems to help control mood and hunger so you’re less likely to overeat in the future.  

Plan Your Next Meal. Prepare so you don’t overdo it tomorrow and beyond.

Eat Mindfully

Eat Slowly

The Old Switcheroo. You can eat more food with less calories if you switch out foods like fatty meat, white bread, and french fries for healthier choices.


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