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A Bleach-Free Trick for Getting Your Whites That Much Brighter

A woman compares two white shirts before and after washing. The girl is holding one blouse, clean and ironed, and the other, dirty with coffee stains

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I hate the smell of bleach. It actually makes me start gagging so I don't like to use it if I don't have to. But I also have very messy five year old twins.

Thankfully Martha Stewart has a bleach-free trick to get your whites so white.

--Check the garment’s laundering instructions.

--Separate the whites (they should never be washed with other colors)

--For whites use water as hot as the fabric can stand. According to Martha, you can even skip bleaching agents—the hot water will do the work.

--If you absolutely need to use bleach, take her advice and use oxygen-based formulas, instead of chlorine iterations (these can weaken the fabric).

--Be sure to apply the bleach and the detergent simultaneously for the best results.

--For stubborn stains, like those soy sauces, red wines, and vinaigrettes, use a pretreating solution on your fabrics before putting them in the wash.


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