Popular Gift Ideas for 2020

Woman with patches under eyes, relaxing in spa center

Woman with patches under eyes, relaxing in spa center

If you're wondering what to get friends and family for Christmas, these are the gifts that people are wanting this year.

More attention to family time. People are looking for items where the whole family can be involved. Games, puzzles, baking kits and cookbooks, crafting projects.

Focus on local items. Definitely buy local.

Gifting personalized items. These have always been popular. Who doesn't like something that has his name or her initials on it?

Digital gifts. Digital gift cards, gift vouchers, subscription to net seasons, audiobooks, premium services, and kindle ebooks are some ideas.

Travel goods. You can get travel items for people who want to go on a big vacation next year. Or maybe get camping stuff for people who need some time away now.

Wellness products. Self-care is big right now. Lotions, facial masks, aroma diffusers, and more.

Gift cards. Easy to wrap, easy to mail. And it allows the recipient to get exactly what they want.