Navigating Those Tough Conversations At The Holiday Table

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Holidays are wonderful for family time, but they can also be tough when the family starts talking politics, religion, or when the single family members are getting married, or when the newlyweds are having kids. So how do you navigate those kind of conversations:

-Take a deep breath. When you take a deep breath, your body is sending a message to your brain to relax and calm down.

-Name it to tame it. Studies show that vocally naming your negative emotions allows you time to distance yourself from them so that you can figure out the best step to solve your problem.

-List things you can control.

-Practice gratitude.

-Set boundaries. Know ahead of time what you are and are not willing to discuss with family. Stick by those boundaries. 

The holidays are a great time to acknowledge that you can and will have differing opinions with people you love and care about, and to take an empathetic approach either way. If the subject turns to politics, it may be best that you just listen. Listening and really hearing someone, even if the opinion is different, shows you care.