Don't Be Worried To Get A Christmas Tree

family buying christmas tree

family buying christmas tree

"For persons interested in buying a real Christmas tree this year take heart: the tree itself is unlikely to provide a source of risk greater than would already exist," Dr. James Elder III, D.O., internist at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth, said. "While the amount of time the Sar Cov2 virus can stay alive on a real tree is unknown, it would likely be a short amount of time. In addition, there would seem a low likelihood of the virus being present on the tree in the first place."

Although the tree being in your home poses no extra COVID risks, the actual shopping experience might. "A greater source of risk is simply being around other people to buy the tree," Dr. Elder explained. "So, continue to take appropriate precautions like wearing a mask and maintaining safe distancing. It may be wise to consider wearing gloves, too."

Lowe’s is offering free delivery on fresh Christmas trees for online orders

Home Depot is also offering free shipping on Christmas trees ordered on their website. 

If you don’t mind paying a bit more and want to order from a farm directly to your house, you can purchase the perfect tree for you from the website A Tree At Your Door.