Ed Sheeran in San Antonio!

I don't know what it is about Ed Sheeran that I love.  He's not particularly good looking in the traditional sense, but he seems like the sweetest boy!  He has a best friend in Taylor Swift and his relationship with his girlfriend Cherry is quite adorable.  Plus, he's not a bad musician and song-writer (understatement).  

So I can't wait for his concert!  He'll be at the AT&T Center on August 22nd with opening act James Blunt (you remember him, right?  He sings "You're Beautiful").   

Ed has become a big fighter of ticket scalping.  He doesn't think his fans should pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for a ticket to his show.  Because of this he's working with a company called Twickets in the UK and Australia.  “It’s a safe space where fans can sell a ticket at face value and other fans can buy the ticket at the price it was originally on sale for and not get ripped off.”  At the end of June Twickets launched in the United States and you can learn more about the company HERE.  

Get all the info about his show at the AT&T Center here.

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