A Woman Is Going Viral for Returning Couch to Costco After Two Years

Some people will push a store's return policy to the max to get whatever they want out of a situation. Other people don't want to abuse the system.

A woman is going viral on social media for bragging about how she returned her couch to Costco . . . after using it for MORE than TWO YEARS.

Costco has a VERY generous return policy, which doesn't mention many restrictions . . . other than for electronics, jewelry, alcohol, tires, and batteries.

The woman, Jackie, says that she was "intimidated" about asking for a refund . . . just because she "didn't like it anymore." But she adds, "Who cares? Return it, they have an awesome return policy."

She didn't even have a receipt. She just told them when she bought it . . . they looked it up in their system . . . and then credited her credit card for the purchase price, which was about $900.

Naturally, the reaction online is MIXED.

Some people online are COMMENDING Jackie for working the system to her favor. They argue that Costco gets money back from manufactures for returns, and you're already paying an annual membership fee to shop there.

But others are SLAMMING her, saying that people who abuse the system eventually force companies to make returns harder for everyone else.

They add that it wastes employees' time, makes the lines longer for everyone else . . . and ultimately RAISES PRICES for everyone else.

(Entrepreneur / Daily Dot)

(Here's her initial video. For what it's worth, she posted a follow-up video saying that she ASKED them if she'd be able to return it ahead of time, and they basically told her it was cool.)

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