Couple Visits Their 300th Texas Roadhouse Restaurant In Amarillo

Photo: Getty Images

One couple has made it their mission to visit every US location of Texas Roadhouse. CW 39 reported that they recently hit their 300th location in Amarillo.

After Judy McNamara retired in 2017, the two set out on their journey. They've travelled across 39 states to 293 Texas Roadhouse restaurants over the course of their mission.

Judy said, "The food is just like home cooking to us. We don't like fancy cuisine or fine dining. Texas Roadhouse fits the bill of good country cooking and is family oriented."

The couple's favorite meals to eat are the sirloin, chicken critters, herb chicken, pulled pork, pork chops, and ribs. They always pair them with a side salad.

Mike, Judy's husband, said, "It’s not just the food, it’s also the people. In 2021, we visited my father’s hometown close to Egg Harbor Township, NJ. When I told the manager, Cody, he brought us out two t-shirts with the city on it, but when he realized they were the wrong size, I joked ‘I’ll just take yours.’ A few minutes later Cody handed us the blue Egg Harbor Township polo he’d been wearing. He literally gave us the shirt off his back."

The couple says that the Amarillo location is their 300th location they've ever visited.

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