Smile For Your Mugshot And Get Free Tacos At This Texas Taqueria

Photo: Getty Images

If you've been arrested, this local restaurant wants to give you free tacos!

Tacos San Pedro is currently offering a promotion to those who bring in a copy of their mugshot. The catch? You have to be smiling in the photo.

'We do not encourage anyone to do bad things, crimes but Hey If you are in County, 'Smile' 😊 ... Smiling is the best way to Face Every problem, to Crush every Fear, to hide Every Pain," Tacos San Pedro wrote in a Facebook post.

The restaurant continued, "We always say we do not encourage nobody to do crimes or do anything wrong." Tacos San Pedro added the restaurant just wants to spread love and peace. "Everyone deserves a second chance in life."

The taqueria, located at 511 E. Goodwin Road in Palmview, has the following message in its advertisements: "Smile in your Mugshot and Get a Free Order of Tacos!" The restaurant also shared a photo of a Hidalgo County resident who smiled in his mugshot and received a free order of tacos. According to FOX 59, at least four people have claimed this unique offer.

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