Parents Sound Off At Texas School Board Meeting Over 'Asinine' Dress Code

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A North Texas school district announced last week it would implement a much stricter dress code in the upcoming school year. That includes banning hoodies and jackets and barring students beyond 4th grade from wearing dresses, skirts and skorts.

The Forney Independent School District cited improved self-esteem and bridged socio-economic differences as reasoning behind the new dress code.

This week, parents — and an influential 10th grader — attended a school board meeting and sounded off to trustees about the new dress code rules, according to WFAA.

Broklynn Hollaman, an incoming sophomore, started a petition to change or get rid of the new dress code that already has over 5,000 signatures. At Monday (June 27) night's meeting, Hollaman, wearing a dress, said she doesn't agree with it. "Hopefully, they'll change their mind, a lot of people are on my side right now. I think the dress code is unfair, and I'm wearing this dress tonight to contradict what the district is stating," she said.

Forney Mayor Pro-Tem James Traylor, whose daughter attends school in the district, also spoke at the meeting. "I don't think any man should be telling a woman what they should wear. I work with women daily, and they wear dresses, skirts, and they're professional," he said.

More parents reacted publicly to the new dress code rules. "I think this is asinine," one parent said. "Do I really need to request permission for my girl to be a girl?" said another.

Despite pushback from parents, the new dress code is still moving forward, a district spokesperson told WFAA, but there is still time to amend or repeal it before school starts this fall.

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