Protect Your Skin While Using PPE

Coronavirus prevention. Use sanitiser on your hands

We're washing our hands a lot more, we're wearing gloves and face masks. Those are very good things but you might be noticing some adverse effects.

--After washing your hands, it’s important to put moisturizer back onto your skin. The best thing is Aquafor or Vaseline (the greasier the better) but just a little dab will do ya.

--Gloves may irritate your skin because you’re wearing them longer than you should. Wear them once, then throw them away.

--Patients that are prone to acne, eczema will have more break outs. Wash your mask often. Especially before the first time you wear it (to get out the extra dye).

--Wear sunscreen (especially ones including titanium and zinc).

--If it hurts to put on hand sanitizer (because of breaks in the skin), it’s probably time to see a dermatologist.

(WXYZ) Photo: Getty

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