Jeremy Remembers The Morning of 9-11-01

I was asleep on the couch that Tuesday morning 18 years ago when my dad came in and turned on the TV. I don't remember him saying anything to me at all as we sat and watched in horror. I do remember we were watching when the second plane hit the second tower....he said "My God". In my family we don't use the Lords name in vain and I don't think that is what he was doing....the tone in his voice was more like a call out, because him and I knew....we all knew at that moment it was NOT a mistake. At that time I was juggling community college and doing overnights on the radio here in DFW. I immediately went into the station and at that time we were doing wall to wall COMMERCIALS!? Just like the Alan Jackson song the world literally stopped spinning. It was a world we never knew.....we are the USA...we don't get attacked. I still remember the feeling I had as the station sent me out to blood banks to do call ins. I was seeing thousands of people come out to give blood because as I was told "I was just sitting at home and felt hopeless...I figured this was something I could to do help my fellow man". People where stopping to talk to one another....ask each other how they were doing, and probably the most touching thing I witnessed was strangers just walking up to one another and words just love. I still watch the footage every year, cry out for the loss of those people we lost and their sweet family and wonder how they could go on. Some how they do, and we as a nation do as well. I think it is so important for us to remember that feeling of unity we had that day, and pray we can once again feel that. Today I join the families in prayer who's world was shattered that day. I offer love hope and unity to you on this day and hope we all can work harder on uniting and not dividing. There is many wonderful people that make up these UNITED States Of America and I hope we never forget September 11th 2001!



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