The Songs of Taylor Swift's "Lover" Me

Let me preface this with....I LOVE Taylor Swift. Around the iHeart Studios, my coworkers think of me as the Swiftie expert. But this list and opinions are precisely that. My opinions. But let's get to it, we've had an entire weekend to play this album on repeat and I've got a lot to say!

First off, I love the title of this album. I expected some really fun, positve, upbeat songs. I expected to hear Taylor in love. (You know, Joe Alwyn has been around about two years now). But was I absolutely surprised hearing "I Forgot That You Existed" to open the hour long emotional roller coaster ride that is "Lover." We don't hear another break up song until her heart gets broken on track 9 and 10 with Cornelia Street and Death By A Thousand Cuts, respectively. Both songs I like, particularly Death by a thousand Cuts, because her musical instrument choices really feel like a nasty paper cut.

She is a bit all over the place musically in the album as well. There is some definitely 80's Michael Jackson pop reference in "I Think He Knows," and pop punk (a la early 2000's) with "Paper Rings." And as I expected, she touches into her country roots with arguably one of the best songs she's ever written, "Soon You'll Get Better." It's so good, Taylor said she'll never perform this live because of how its just too difficult to emotionally deal with that song.

I also found it quite amusing that she has found her feminist, political voice. Apparent in the summer smash "You Need To Calm Down." But the number 4 track, "The Man," made my boyfriend laugh out loud because we've heard the message before, but it's nice to hear Taylor finally join the movement.

That being said, I really enjoyed this album. It's much friendlier than Reputation and definitely growth from 1989. I've ranked the songs from my least favorite, to favorite. What do you think?


17-ME! I loved the music video, but this song just didn't do it for me. It was just, ok.

16-Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

15-London Boy---I just enjoyed the Twitter rant where people from the UK found the day to be a drag. I don't know the layout of London, but if locals think it sounds exhausting, then, I suppose we'll just let her have her fantasy.

14-False God---sounds a lot like "Dress"

13-Cruel Summer---LA TImes compared this song to "Style" from her 1989 album. I couldn't disagree more. "Style" had depth. This is only fun to sing because of the "ooooohohhhhhh"s in the middle of the chorus.

12-I Think He Knows---I like this 80's pop feeling during the chorus, but the song doesn't feel like it goes together. Also, I'm still not sure what she's singing about? Like "I think he knows I'm into him" but also "I think he knows he better propose otherwise I'll leave?" Just a little all over the place for me here. But catchy and I'd dance to it for SURE!

11-Death By A Thousand Cuts---The instrument choices she makes are so interesting!

10-Daylight---This reminds me a lot of "New Years Day" from her Reputation album

9-Afterglow---Here, Taylor finally gets a bit self reflective. I like her A LOT more after seeing that she can admit she too, makes mistakes in love.

8-Cornelia Street---is every heart break ever. I'll never watch that movie again without thinking about my ex, or I can never go to this restaurant again, or never hear this song's so on point.

7-The Man---This one probably ranked so high with me because my boyfriend laughed so hard when we got to the chorus. Welcome to the big girls table, Taylor!

6-It's Nice To Have A Friend--This sounds really "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" But it's catchy and fun.

5-You Need To Calm Down---The music video that accompanies this, the lyrics, the's Taylor wrapped up in a perfect little bow. Catchy and means something. YES!

4-Paper Rings---This would be a lot higher, it's SOOOO FUN, but I also heard that this may be a knock off of a HIlary Duff song. Ah!

3-I Forgot That You Existed---Surprised this was the opening track, but it's so catchy and I wish I had this song in high school. And my early twenties. And my early thirties. Yeah, I've been waiting for this song my whole life.

2-Soon You'll Get Better---This is the most real thing I've ever heard. Damn if I don't cry every time I hear it. Also, get well Andrea Swift!

1-Lover---Yeah, the title track is all the feels. It's so pure and easy and exactly what imperfect love feels like. It's the romance we crave wrapped up in a sweet country-esque rock ballad that feels so true to how she started.

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