Leigh Ann Found This In Her Daughter's Car And Is Furious

Hi it's Leigh Ann. I got into my 16 year old daughters car yesterday and was shocked by what I saw. I said to Hailey, "what's that on the floor of you car"? Her face turns a bit red and she say's "my soccer ball". Umm...no the other thing. She of course told me it was a Whataburger "thing". She went on to explain that all the teenagers do it. I asked her if she would take a napkin holder and she said "of course not". What about their soda machine?You get the idea. I told her it's the same thing. You are stealing from them. So I'm taking her to Whataburger this afternoon and I'm going to watch as she takes it in and returns it. A few people I know think I'm being too harsh...hmm I don't think so!


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