Jeremy's Breaking Bad Tour

Hey it's Jeremy!

I had such an AWESOME vacation last week! My joined my family in Colorado, and then while driving back home we went through Albuquerque and had to check out some of the film location from Breaking Bad!

This is where Walter White from the show lives! It is so cool to see it in person, BUT......BUT I didn't know I would get yelled at by the owner of the house for taking pics! She told me to get the **** outta there, and called me a loser because I came by to see a house that "doesn't even look the same!" I was like....uhhh good to meet you too! LOL

I also got to see Saul's office!

The people at the car wash were AWESOME!! I got my car washed here and went inside!!

If you are ever in Albuquerque its so worth checking out some of these cool locations!


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