Where did Jeremy go!?

Ha! This is pretty much what I looked like!

So this year I didn't get a flu shot. I have gotten one for the majority of my adult life, but this year I started to wonder what is in the shots and it got me kinda worried so I didn't get a shot. Wouldn't you know I GOT THE FLU not once BUT TWICE! Sunday night of last week I started feeling COLD which I never feel, and the chills were bad! I almost called in but I pushed through Monday. I went to the doc right after the show and found out I not only had the FLU AGAIN but I was also dealing with bronchitis. I was down for the count, and still my energy is not back to 100%

Thank you for thinking of me and for the texts and fb messages! Glad to be back in the saddle and SO EXCITED for our 2nd chance Prom Friday night!!

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