Agnez Mo Reveals Her iHeartRadio Music Awards Votes


Last year, Agnez Mo shared her latest single, "Overdose," featuring Chris Brown, and this year, the Indonesian-born singer has been nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award. With over 17 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram, Agnez (real name Agnes Monica Muljoto) is up for this year's Social Star Award.

Also nominated in the Social Star Award category is Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Lele Pons, Loren Gray, Mason Ramsey, Queen Naija, Tana Mongeau and Trixie Mattel. The Social Star Award is a socially voted category, which means you (the fans) get to decide the winner!

Social voting is going on now and will close on March 7th (March 13th for Best Fan Army presented by Taco Bell). Fans can vote via Twitter using the appropriate category and nominee hashtags, or by visiting

Find out all of Agnez Mo's picks for this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards' socially voted categories below.

Best Lyrics: Camila Cabello - "Consequences"

Best lyrics. No! I want to be friends with all of them! I can't choose! 'Consequences,' Camila [Cabello].

Agnez Mo

Best Cover Song: Ariana Grande - "Natural Woman"

"I would definitely choose Ariana Grande because she's such a great vocalist. So there you go, 'Natural Woman.'"

Agnez Mo

Best Music Video: Childish Gambino - "This Is America"

"Whenever you have a social media platform, or any platform in general, especially where people can watch it, you have to use it for a greater good, you know what I mean? Not [for] just cool visual effects, but actually telling a story. And I think in this category, I have to go for 'This is America.'"

Agnez Mo

Best Solo Breakout: Normani

"Oh all of these. She's super dope, though ... Normani."

Agnez Mo

Cutest Musician's Pet: Piggy Smallz

"Oh my God, you guys have this category? Cutest musician's pet. Wait, Piggy Smallz is a dog or a pig? I'm sorry I got to vote for that one. So, Piggy Smallz."

Agnez Mo

Songs That Left Us Shook: Lady Gaga - "I'll Never Love Again"

"I have to say Lady Gaga's I'll Never Love Again. Hey, I'm probably subjective when it comes to that one because I just watched the movie and the movie was incredible."

Agnez Mo

Favorite Tour Photographer: Ravie B (Beyoncé)

"I have to say that I like all of JAY-Z's and Beyoncé's photos, especially when they did the 'On the Run Tour.' Just because of that I'm gonna choose [Ravie B].

Agnez Mo

Social Star Award: Herself

"Of course the most important category of all is Social Star Award. Where you can see this, look at this: My name. So, I just want you guys to vote for me. There you go. It's on the top so help me bring home the award. I'm just gonna put it here with a little circle and just a heart. Bam. I voted guys."

Agnez Mo


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