Haunted DFW? Miss Molly's in Fort Worth could be

I love Halloween! So I'm trying something new. I think I'll put together a series of locations that are allegedly haunted. Some locations, legends and lore you may be familiar with and some you may not be. Its my attempt to get you in the Halloween spirit!

First up, Miss Molly's BnB in Fort Worth.

So at first, back when Fort Worth was being established- the building stood as a boarding house for cattlemen coming to the city to work or passing through. So when even morecowboys and businessmen were in town for work or what have you- maybe thats when the boarding house changed into something more entertaining for said individuals. Before prohibition, was a speakeasy and then eventually we learn it became a brothel.

So boarding house, speakeasy and then brothel during prohibiton- well, sometimes things can get a little dangerous in such an environment. The past history has led some to believe those spirits are the ones still hanging around Miss Molly's.

Visitors said to have experience cold spots, creepy shadows and FULL BODY APPARITIONS!

You can even stay the night in the working BnB.

HauntedHouses.com has profiled them HERE!

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