Woman Told She Was Too Large For A Pedicure

Amanda Wolfenbarger says she went to Conway’s Nail Spa to get her feet done when an employee asked her what she weighed, and then told her she was “too big,” and would “break the chair.” Apparently the store has a policy against giving pedicures to large women - and even has a sign - that reads: “We are not accepting any person over 250 lb for pedicure service, sorry!”

The whole thing was news to Amanda, who says she had gotten pedicures at the salon on at least two other occasions. While the salon eventually gave her the pedicure, she was left totally embarrassed by the ordeal. Surprisingly, she isn’t upset with the salon’s policy, rather how they handled the whole situation. “It could have been handled discreetly,” she said. “I understand they have a reason for what they do, but they have to have better customer service.”

  • Wolfenbarger posted her ordeal on Facebook and has received a lot of feedback, prompting the salon to say they’ll be rewording their sign, but not changing the policy, noting, “the policy is in place for customer safety.” And while the salon has apologized to Wolfenbarger, they have definitely lost a customer. She shares, “I can accept an apology, but I’m not going to put myself in position where it could happen again. I’m not going back.”

Source: The State


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