There's Something NEW In That McDonald's Bag!!

Hey it's Jeremy! Would you look at this!?

McDonald's has started testing a new FRENCH TOAST McGriddle at over 200 locations in Minnesota.  Instead of mini-pancake buns, it's two pieces of French toast.  And if it's popular, they'll start selling it nationwide.


Unlike the normal McGriddle that comes with one type of meat, the French toast version has bacon AND sausage, plus eggs and cheese.  And they're using the circular egg they put on McMuffins, not the folded-over scrambled-egg kind.


They've been selling the original McGriddle since 2003, and this would be the first major update in 15 years.  So at this pace, we can expect a McGriddle with waffle buns around the year 2033. 

BRING IT ON ;) - Jeremy


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