Women Stuck On Rainbow Unicorn Float Rescued

A group of women has been rescued by Minnesota deputies after they were seen stranded on a lake in Chisago County on an interesting float.

The Chisago County deputies say they spotted the women floating on an inflatable rainbow unicorn while they were driving by Fish Lake. They were ready to ask them for a picture until they realized the women were stuck in the lake’s thick layer of weeds. So, they grabbed a rope and reeled the mythical float, and the women in it, to shore.

The county’s sheriff’s office tweeted a video of the rescue, along with a funny caption complete with rainbow and unicorn emojis. “With a handful of laugh and some mad roping skills they were pulled back to the dock! #WheresTheGlitter,” the tweet reads. See the tweet, along with a video of the event, below.

Chisago Co Sheriff@ChisagoCountySO

Driving by a local lake we observed a bunch of women in a  stuck in the weeds...Yes a rainbow unicorn... With a handful of laughs and some mad rescue roping skills they were pulled back to the dock!  

5:39 PM - Aug 11, 2018

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Source: Fox 9


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