70 Year OId Men Fight Over Sample At Grocery Store

Hey it's Jeremy! Frankly I'm surprised something like this doesn't happen at a Costco every single weekend.  Free samples do strange things to otherwise normal people. HAHA Don't mess with my sample! 


 A 70-year-old guy was at a Costco in Greenville, South Carolina on Sunday and he was patiently waiting in line for a free cheese sample.  Then, suddenly, a 72-year-old man CUT the line, grabbed some cheese, and walked off.



The 70-year-old let it go . . . but then, when he was in line for a free cheeseburger sample and he saw the 72-year-old coming to pull the same move again, he had to do something.



He confronted the guy . . . and the guy HIT him in the head and knocked off his hat and glasses.



The cops came, but after they talked to both of the guys and some witnesses, they decided not to make any arrests. 

 Lord, please let this be me when I am 70! haha


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