Help Save 10 Year Old From Denton

Hallie Bea Barnard is looking for a bone marrow match. She was diagnosed with a very rare bone marrow disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), at 13 months of age. She is now 10.

Hallie’s Heroes was born in July of 2015. Using Hallie’s strength and courage as our example, we decided to not just try to save our girl, but also the 14,000 other people who are desperately waiting to find their bone marrow matches.

Hallie’s Heroes’ mission is to raise money to fund research to find a cure for DBA, to educate and advocate for bone marrow donors, and to host bone marrow drives in order to find matches for all patients.

To sign up to be a potential life saver, please go to: 

Leigh Ann & Jeremy were excited to introduce Hallie to all of our Star 102.1 listeners! Check out their visit with Hallie and her debut as our guest DJ! 



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