Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

There are lots of long-standing food debates out there that will probably never be settled, like whether or not to fold pizza slices when you eat them and whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. Well, according to a new survey from Ibotta, the app that gives you cash back for shopping, a third of Americans do consider a hot dog a sandwich.

Yesterday (July 18th) was National Hot Dog Day and many folks across the country probably celebrated with a frank, but whether or not you consider that hot dog a sandwich may depend on where you live. Californians are split on their view, with 49% saying it is, while across the country in Vermont, two-thirds of folks say nope, it’s not a sandwich.

The Ibotta research also reveals what people like to top their dogs with: 26% add ketchup, 23% go for mustard, 40% of those surveyed double up with both condiments, and 11% actually add no toppings at all.

Source: Business Insider


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