Cockroach Milk Is Now A Thing

There’s been buzz about this scary superfood for a while, but it’s just now actually coming to us.


People are actually considering the nutritious quality of cockroach milk.


Yes, researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India say the “milk” let out by cockroaches to feed their young is packed with proteins, fats, and sugars. All things we could potentially benefit from.


The only problem? You’d have to breed some serious cockroaches to get enough milk out of them to drink. Not to mention that it comes from…um… COCKROACHES. So if you can get behind that, why not give it a shot? Or not.


It sounds crazy to us, but tons of western diets have included eating tons of insects whole. So what’s worse? Tell you what – why don’t you try it and just let us know?


Source: The Guardian


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