Jeremy Bought His Grandaddy's Old Truck!

Today was a special day. This is my granddaddy standing next to a 1980 Toyota pickup he had when I was growing up. This is no ordinary truck. This is the truck I remember my granddaddy in the most. We had many conversations, I went to work with him in it and this was the truck he taught me to drive in when I was 12! I was crushed when I was 15 years old and he had to get rid of it. For the past 23 years I have seen this truck around town and my granddaddy would say “ I sure miss that old truck... I put many a many a miles on it.” 12 years ago I contacted the owner and asked if I could buy it from him. He said he was not ready to sell and probably never would. Every single year I’ve contacted him with no luck. I have no idea what was different about this time, but when I called him last week it worked!!! I’m going to completely restore it and get it back to where I can again sit in the passenger seat and ride down the road with my granddaddy and make new memories. This is what life is all about - making new memories and revisiting old ones. I am so thankful.


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