Roseanne, The One Thing Blue & Red States Agree On?

As ratings flow in from the “Roseanne” reboot and rave reviews from “Red America” accumulate, a new question arises: Is there a Republican/Democrat (or Red/Blue) divide in TV viewing? While it may seem that Democrats and Republicans watch certain shows and networks respectively, TV may be the only place where they agree.

A Simmons Research study shows that Democrats are more likely to watch shows like “black-ish,” “Empire,” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” while Republicans are more likely to watch “Last Man Standing,” “Survivor” and “Nascar.” These are the shows they are most inclined to watch, but if members of each party individually had to chose which shows they watch most frequently the lists are nearly paralleled.

Democrats' top five shows on TV are: “The Big Bang Theory,” “Fixer Upper,” “America’s Got Talent,” “60 Minutes,” and “Property Brothers.” Republicans' top five shows on TV are: “Fixer Upper,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “American Pickers,” “Property Brothers,” and “NCIS.”

As you can see, both parties share the same interest in TV shows. In fact in both lists, both parties pick the same shows just in different order. However, these findings are specific to cable television and it's believed that there may be a stronger divide if researchers were to look at the way each party uses streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Source: NBC News


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