Man Dressed As Elsa Helps Boston Police In Snow

With the recent wintery weather the north east has been getting, some often wonder who ticked off “Frozen”’s Elsa. Well one drag queen dressed as the Disney princess didn’t seem all too upset to help out struggling police officers in Boston.

Elsa, who’s been identified as Boston attorney Jason Triplett, was enjoying a night out with fellow queens at neighborhood bar, The Gallows. Footage of Triplett helping out the cops was taken by Christopher B. Haynes, who says Tripllett joked, “I wanted to blend in tonight so I threw this on.” Well there was no blending in when the Boston Police wagon got stuck in the snow during the most recent nor’easter. Elsa jumped in to single handedly push the wagon out of the snow.

Triplett admits that his fame as Elsa will be short lived, but has one request before his 15 minutes are up. “If this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon,” jokes Triplett. Someone call in Sally Field.

Source: Vanyaland


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