Is Arie the Most Hated Man in America Today?

The rumors were true. Arie Luyendyk Jr. DID propose to one of the ladies on “The Bachelor” finale last night and later on, has a change of heart. After being engaged to one of them for some time, Arie decides he has some unfinished business with the runner up, but who did he choose? Here’s what you missed.

  • Becca K. and Lauren get to meet Arie’s parents separately, but things get awkward when Becca is basically interrogated by his parents about Lauren. It even pushed Becca to tears.
  • After his final dates with Becca and Lauren, Arie finally chose one woman to receive the final rose. He ends up proposing to Becca after some deep exchanges of love. Becca previously read him the most heart felt letter about how she loves him so much and how her father would have loved him too. When Arie proposes he tells Becca, “I choose you today, and I choose you everyday.” Cue the tears.
  • Poor Lauren was sent home single and devastated...and saying she doesn't understand how Arie could have made the big decision just that morning. "How can he be sure." Well...
  • We get an exclusive look into their engagement filled with getaways and more love. There was also tons of close ups of that sparkly Neil Lane diamond ring.
  • It’s during a trip to Los Angeles that the mood starts to shift. Arie emotionally ends up breaking off his engagement to Becca and tells her he’s going to try and work things out with Lauren. Apparently, he had previously told Becca he still had feelings for Lauren, but they were "working through it." Apparently not enough - she was totally blind-sided by the split.
  • The raw footage of their breakup lasted for what seemed like close to an hour. We got the inside look and every word and tear the two exchanged (well SHE cried) before Arie heads off in a limo leaving a heartbroken Becca behind.
  • Becca wrapped the live show by speaking with Chris Harrison...she's basically a saint.

Chris also announced that ABC offered “The Bachelor” another live show, which will air tonight at 8pm ET. Chris will be joined by Becca, Arie, AND Lauren. Buckle up!


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