No more bad auditions for “American Idol”

 While some people may not want to admit it, one of the best things about “American Idol” was getting to see all the bad auditions, but folks tuning into the new ABC reboot of the show aren’t going to get that guilty pleasure anymore. 

During the TCA press tour for the show, which debuts March 11th, producers revealed that they're nixing that part of the show. “One of the key things about the show is it shouldn’t feel manipulated or fake because 15 years ago, nobody had ever seen it and it was funny,” executive producer Trish Kinane says. “Viewers know now, they’ve all watched all these shows in 15 years, and it doesn’t feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up and laugh at them.” But the show won’t be all serious. Kinane adds, “if someone’s eccentric, slightly different or if they’ve got a different voice or if they do something we don’t normally hear, we’ll put that up, that’s fun. We want the humor but we don’t want the exploitation.” 

As for whether anyone will be mean like “Idol” judge Simon Cowell, it doesn’t sound like it, although Katy Perry does say she plans to give “constructive criticism.” She notes, “No one’s here to say, ‘I suck.’ We’re here to really find a star, and if someone isn’t a star, delicately help repurpose them on a path that’s going to be right for them.” 

Source: ET Online

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