Flu season could get worse

 We are now in the thick of flu season, and this year could be a particularly bad one. The CDC already reports high activity in 26 states, with the number of flu cases rising this year.

California is one of the states seeing high flu activity, with San Diego reporting 7,314 confirmed cases, eight times more than last year. Also getting it particularly bad is Miami, where hospitals have opened flu tents, Toledo, Ohio where emergency room visits were up 10 to 15 percent in a single week and Dallas, where one hospital system is at critical capacity.

No real reason has been given for the increase in flu cases this year. Last year's flu vaccine was only 32% affective, and there’s no word on how affective this year’s vaccine is. Still, the CDC encourages folks to get it, because it’s better to have some protection than none. Source: CBS News


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