Ezekiel Elliott Makes A Daring Bet

NFL Combine - Day 3

When Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott returns from his suspension in Week 16’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, he’s going to need a big game.

 Not to help the Cowboys make the postseason as the 7-6 Cowboys are a long shot. No, he’s going to literally need to hit the ground running because of a bet he made with another great running back: Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson.

 “Me and him have a personal bet for when he comes back,” Dickerson said. “He says that he’s going to get 200 yards in his return. I told him ‘no,’ that he ain’t going to get 200 yards. So the bet is that if he gets 200 yards, I have to give him one of my jerseys. It’s going to be one of my special jerseys that I played in. And if he doesn’t get 200 yards, then he has to give me a jersey he played in. And if he does, then I have to wear his jersey on air sometime.”

Okay maybe it’s not the high stakes you’d expect from a par of wealthy athletes like them, but when it comes to pride, you can’t put a price on that.

 Not to mention, Elliott has done some spectacular things on the field in his career. But a 200-yard day would be the first of his pro career.


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