Student Has To Wear A Christmas Tree Costume

Be careful what you promise in exchange for some retweets. University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall posted a photo of herself dressed as a Christmas tree.

Then the 20-year-old vowed to wear it for the rest of the semester in exchange for 1,000 retweets:

You know what happened next, but Hall didn’t seem quite ready for it just the same. As the numbers marched toward 1,000, she posted:

Hall, a chemistry major, told People the costume was a gift from her mother and she thought the pic would be funny... but she didn’t think she’d actually have to wear it for the rest of the semester.

“I definitely did not think I would get 1,000 retweets, I thought it was a very unrealistic number,” she said. “The most retweets I have ever got before was, maybe, five.”

Hall has been as good as her word. She and her friends have been posting images of her on campus in full tree regalia.

“I went through with it because I know everyone is going through a tough time with finals coming up,” she told People. “And hopefully, I could bring some Christmas cheer to my classmates.”

Still, she doesn’t seem thrilled about her new life as a tree. On the bright side, at least for Hall, the semester ends next week.


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