Al Sharpton : Support Keaton Jones

What started as a kid trying to figure out why people bully has been thrown into the political arena.

There's a backlash against the mother of Keaton Jones, whose viral video about being bullied earned him the sympathy of a host of entertainers and sports celebrities. His mother, Kimberly, is being questioned about controversial photos. Old social media posts by the mother of her standing with Confederate flags and criticizing NFL players kneeling during the national anthem drew criticism.

While some people withdrew their support, others noted that Keaton isn't responsible for what his mother does. As for the school's principal, he says the bullying incident described in the video has been addressed.

Al Sharpton was the voice of reason in the backlash, saying, don’t abandon Keaton. His mother, however, needs to to learn as much a lesson as the kids who bullied the boy. 


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