Colin Kaepernick, Gal Gadot & Named GQ's People Of The Year

Colin Kapernick

Donald Trump may not like Colin Kaepernick, but that didn’t stop GQ Magazine from naming the former NFL player one of its people of the year. Colin, along with Gal Gadot, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Colbert, will each get a cover for the December issue. Each person will also get his or her own special title and cover story. 

Kap’s activism earned him the title of Citizen of the Year. Gal – shockinglynotshocked – was named Wonder Woman of the Year for becoming a feminist icon with her summer blockbuster. Durant, who picked up his first NBA title with the Golden State Warriors and an MVP of the Finals title, got Champion of the Year. Finally, “The Late Show” host who takes Trump and other politicians to task on a nightly basis is the Bad Hombre of the Year. 

Look for GQ to release a cover story for a different person of the year every day through Thursday. Kap’s story is here. Congrats to all! 

ONE MORE THING! Trump may not be in Kap’s fan club, but Maxine Waters certainly is. The California congresswoman said, “I think he has absolutely sacrificed an awful lot for what he believes in. And people with courage to do what they think is right -- despite the consequences -- must be respected and honored.”

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