Apartment Floor Collapses During A UNT Homecoming Party

A UNT homecoming party got out of hand and caused an apartment floor to collapse.

A big mess remains and up to 50 people were displaced after a huge college party in a Denton, Texas apartment crashed through the floor to the unit below. About 100 students of the University of North Texas were celebrating homecoming in the third-story Denton apartment when the floor gave way early Sunday morning.

Somehow, no one was seriously hurt or taken to the hospital, but damage from broken water pipes displaced dozens of residents. Four women who share the apartment directly below the party, all sophomores at UNT, weren't home at the time of the collapse. They were filing a noise complaint with the Denton Police Department.

The girls living in the apartment below the party say they knew something like this would happen, as the people above them had multiple parties that they reported. The girls have started a GoFundMe account to replace their lost items.

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