Jones Threatens To Sue NFL Over Goodell Extension, Hires Lawyer

Remember a few weeks back when we said a report had surfaced that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was heading a group of seventeen owners in trying to stop Roger Goodell’s pending contract extension?

And how we also said Goodell had little to worry about because the NFL needs 24 owners to approve Goodell's dismissal?

We forgot to mention that Jerry Jones doesn’t like losing.

Which is why a new report says Jones has taken his bid to block Goodell’s extension to a new level by hiring a very high profile lawyer and threatening to sue the NFL if a contract extension for Goodell is approved.

That lawyer is David Boies, the famed New York lawyer who represented VP Al Gore in the deadlocked 2000 presidential election and—more recently—defended Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein against sexual assault allegations.

Now a source says that hiring Boies was likely a "scare tactic" as there is no obvious legal challenge to Goodell's contract negotiations and that Jones "probably knows he doesn't have a strong claim.”

Still, when you stand to lose as much money as Goodell does, I would say this tactic is very scary.

Stay tuned.

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