"The Voice" -- The Recap

The knockout rounds continued on “The Voice.” To review, the coaches – who are being assisted by Kelly Clarkson – are pairing two singers who’ve picked their own songs. After singing head to head, the coaches pick one to move on to the live rounds. Each coach had one steal to use on the eliminated singers. Here’s are some highlights. 

  • Adam Levine orchestrated the battle of the night. He put Emily Luther up against Adam Pearce. Both of them killed on their songs – “Glitter in the Air” and “Smoke on the Water,” respectively – but Adam chose Emily to move on. Fortunately for Pearce, Miley Cyrus believed in him enough to use her steal on him. 
  • Another notable battle was Kathrina Feigh versus Keisha Renee. Blake Shelton paired them up because they’re both power singers. Kathrina’s take on “Girl on Fire” was good, as was Keisha’s “I Hope You Dance.” Ultimately, Blake chose Keisha for the live rounds. 
  • Finally, Moriah Formica boldly chose to sing “Behind These Hazel Eyes” for her battle with Whitney Fenmore – in front of Kelly. Her choice paid off because Miley sent her on to the next round. 

Here’s how the teams stand now. 

  • Team Adam –Hannah Mrozak, Anthony Alexander, Emily Luther, Jon Mero, Addison Agen, Adam Cunningham
  • Team Blake – Mitchell Lee, Esera Tuaolo, Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Megan Rose, Chloe Kohanski
  • Team Miley – Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Ashland Craft, Moriah Formica, Adam Pearce,
  • Team Jennifer – Chris Weaver, Shi’Ann Jones, Davon Fleming, Noah Mac, Katrina Rose 

The Knockout Rounds continue tonight on “The Voice.” 

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