Wendy Williams Opens Up About Live TV Collapse


Wendy Williams opened up about her Halloween collapse. As we told you previously, she passed out on live TV during her Halloween show on Tuesday. She shared how chaotic it was behind the scenes as paramedics came to give her tests and make sure everything was okay. She checked out fine but was dehydrated and in need of electrolytes. 

As we also told you, the host took to The ‘Gram right after the incident to let everyone know she was okay. She said, “I’m home and hydrating,” with water, Gatorade, and Pedialyte.

On yesterday’s show, the talk show said, “It was really scary,” as she burst into tears. Of course, in typical Wendy fashion, she tried to make sure she looked cute as she fell. She also wanted to make sure that the podium didn’t fall on top of her. She was also pleased that she was “trending all day.”



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