Prince Harry Is "Training" Meghan Markle

Marrying into royalty seems like a fairytale, but there are some rules that come along with the title. Sources say Meghan Markle is bound to join the royal family and she has the best tutor out there: Prince Harry. 

“Harry will have made sure Meghan knew how to address the queen and how to behave in her presence,” British writer Katie Nicholls says. "He calls her ‘Granny,’ but after Meghan had curtsied and called her ‘Your Majesty,’ she would have reverted to ‘ma’am.’ It seems strange to mere mortals, but it is how [Princess] Kate addresses her.”

If Meghan does, in fact, join the Windsors, it will be the first time an American divorcèe has married someone in line to the throne. “American manners are different than British manners,” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of “Majesty Magazine,” explains. “[She] can’t walk down the street eating or chewing gum. We hold our cutlery differently. It’s a whole different culture.”


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