The World's Most Expensive Shoes Have Been Unveiled

Designer Debbie Wingham has expensive taste. In fact, she has the most expensive taste. With her newly unveiled $15.1-million heels, she now has the title of the priciest shoes in the world.

The shoes, which themselves are made of gold, come with large pink, blue, and white diamonds. Even the thread is 18 karat gold. The heels won't be coming to a store near you, though. The lavish footwear was commissioned by a family who has enough money to splurge on a very pricey birthday gift. 

Wingham, who owns a "couture" cake shop, has a history of going big or going home. She currently has the record for the world's most expensive cake, valued at $50-million dollars, and the priciest dress, which runs the customer $15.3-million. 



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