Woman Starts Dating Guy In Pictures Used By Her Catfisher

The world of catfishing is alive and well. It’s so easy to meet someone online and find out later that they’re not actually who they say they are. Emma Perrier definitely learned this the hard way…but there was a bizarre upside, too. Emma met someone she was pretty into on a dating app called Zoosk - Ronnie.

Ronnie said he was 34 and lived in England. They hit it off, but with one problem – Ronnie actually ended up being 53-year-old Alan Stanley who had been using the photos of a “random model” he found on the Internet. Emma discovered this when she reverse image searched one of the model’s photos. To Emma’s credit, she actually gave Alan a chance but ultimately decided the relationship wasn’t for her.

She reached out to the actual guy in the photos – Adem. They began talking over phone and FaceTime only to find that they were really into each other. Fast forward to now, Emma and Adem have been happily in love and living together for six months.

Who would have thought this catfish tale would have a happy ending?

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