NFL Insists Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Is ‘In Place’ Until Further Notice

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

A federal court of appeals reinstated Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension last week, but there have been reports that the Dallas Cowboys running back is still eligible to play until his petition for a rehearing is resolved.

 As you can imagine, the NFL insists those reports are inaccurate.

 Yesterday, an NFL spokesman said Elliott’s six-game ban is “in place” even if there are more legal issues to sort out in the coming days. Elliott had previously been granted an injunction that blocked the suspension, but judges from the 5th circuit ruled in the NFL’s favor last Thursday, citing a procedural issue with the way the NFLPA handled the case.

 Elliott’s camp responded by filing a petition for a rehearing, and one report claimed a judge informed the NFL and NFLPA that the injunction allowing Elliott to play would not be lifted until the appeal is filed and resolved.

So, will Elliot play this week?

 I honestly think at this point, the only person that can answer that is your fantasy football app—say around 12:30 ET.

 All I can tell you I know for sure is that you need to get Darren McFadden on your roster.

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