We Need This Shower Wine Holder

If you’re the type who enjoys a long, relaxing soak in the tub with a glass of wine, there’s always the issue of where to set your glass. You don’t want to risk setting it on the edge of the tub and having it slip off or having your sudsy arm accidentally knock it down. Having to clean up broken glass definitely takes away from that whole relaxing experience.

But now there’s a device made to fix this dilemma. Meet the SipCaddy, it’s basically a plastic cup holder with a suction cup attached, so you can stick it to the shower wall and have a convenient spot to set your Chardonnay while you bliss out in the tub. And if you’re more of a beer drinker, don’t worry, the SipCaddy holds those too.

This thing actually holds cups, cans, and shampoo bottles, too. The SipCaddy is supposed to withstand seven pounds of pressure, but it doesn’t work with porous surfaces, like Travertine. And they do recommend not using glass stemware in it, just in case it slips.

So if you’re down with sipping wine from plastic, this new $14 bathtub drink holder could be the key to worry-free soaks. You could bring a book and some snacks in there with you and have your own private peaceful oasis. At least until one of your kids pounds on the door so they can use the potty. You can find it on Amazon or at SipCaddy.com.

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